Krieg Schiller

Age: 40  DOB: 1/7  Sex: M

Height: 5’11”  Weight: 172 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue  Hair Color: Gray

Likes: Cigarettes, Killing Whisperers

Officer Krieg is a member of the Unity Line Police Department. He is one of the highest ranking policemen on the force. Krieg also acts as a sort of surrogate father to Amaria, and along with Francine’s parents, he’s helped raise her. Krieg is well known throughout the city for his ability to kill large groups of whisperers, and his mysterious eye patch.

Krieg Color

Francine DuBois

Age: 16  DOB: 6/18  Sex: F

Height: 5’8”  Weight: 121 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown  Hair Color: Purple

Likes: Walking on the Beach, Flowers

Francine is the daughter of a respected policeman and Amaria’s best friend. She is less trusting than Amaria, but just as fun-loving. Francine wishes she could spend more time with her father Jacques, but he’s often busy with work.

Francine Color

Amaria LeChatlier

Age: 16  DOB: 4/3  Sex: F

Height: 5’10”  Weight: 146 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue  Hair Color: Blonde

Likes: Birds, Food, Fancy Dresses

Amaria is a wealthy teenage girl who lives by the ocean in Unity Line city. She is always looking out for adventure, fun, and opportunities to eat. Although she’s a bit naïve and childish, Amaria is also very courageous and caring. No one is quite sure who Amaria’s parents are, or what happened to them.

Amaria Color