Commander Zure

Age: 64  DOB: 8/8  Sex: M

Height: 6’3”  Weight: 150 lbs.

Eye Color: Green  Hair Color: Gray

Likes: Helping people, Science

Zure is the leader and founder of the MAEF, the last human army on the planet. His dream is to defeat the whisperers and return humanity to its former state. Zure is a jolly man despite his serious position. He lost his right arm some time ago.

Zure Color

Lieutenant Commander Éclair

Age: 19  DOB: 3/14  Sex: F

Height: 5’10”  Weight: 133 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue  Hair Color: Dark Blonde

Likes: Science, Airships

Éclair is the second in command of the Mankind Anti-Extinction Front. She is much more intelligent than her youth implies, and very quickly rose to her position. Éclair is embarrassed when anyone brings up her age. She and Commander Zure are close friends.

Éclair Color

The Articulate Whisperer

Age:???  DOB:???  Sex:???

Height: 8’  Weight:???

Eye Color: Orange  Hair Color: N/A


A “non-standard” whisperer, the Articulate is said to be of very high intelligence and can command other whisperers. It is notable for its single eye, and its invulnerability to all known weapons.

Articulate Whisperer Color

Jet Titanium

Age:???  DOB:???  Sex: M

Height: 7’1”  Weight: 220 lbs.

Eye Color: Black  Hair Color: White

Likes: Axes, Killing Whisperers

Jet is a famous whisperer hunter of unknown origin. He is renowned across the world for his ability to kill entire hordes of whisperers, and his good looks. Jet will do anything to protect his own reputation. Jet Titanium might not be his real name.

Jet Color

Kirlie Sofia Laguna

Age: 22  DOB: 9/5  Sex: F

Height: 5’10”  Weight: 137 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue  Hair Color: Blonde

Likes: Money, Lying, Wearing a jacket like a cape

Kirlie is a self-proclaimed witch who is actually an infamous con-artist. She generally spends her time ripping people off. Kirlie is outspoken in her hatred of wearing shoes or any sort of girly clothes. Her past is very mysterious...

Kirlie Sofia Laguna Color


Age: 13  DOB: 7/30  Sex: F

Height: 5’2”  Weight: 93 lbs.

Eye Color: Red  Hair Color: Pink-Red

Likes: Jewelry, Airships, Herself

Mira is the Duchess of Treciudad, appointed by her father. Her Great Uncle is king of the Eastern Kingdom. Mira is fabulously wealthy, and quite a bit spoiled because of it. She seems to look down on most other people, but deep down, she wishes she had more friends.

Mira Color

Lucille Loire

Age: 26  DOB: 10/22  Sex: F

Height: 5’11”  Weight: 135 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown  Hair Color: Brown

Likes: Guns, Revealing Clothes

Lucille, known to her friends as Lucy, is one of the most skilled assassins on the planet. She’s been known to use her good looks to her advantage when hunting targets. Despite not wearing much clothing, Lucy has managed to hide at least 4 handguns on her person, and always shoots at least 2 at a time.

Lucy Color 2


Age: N/A  DOB: N/A  Sex: N/A

Height: N/A  Weight: N/A

Eye Color: Yellow  Hair Color: N/A

Likes: They have no interests

These terrors inhabit the world outside of Unity Line. Nobody is quite sure where the whisperers came from, but they quickly managed to out populate the human race. When a whisperer makes contact with a human heart, that human is transformed into a whisperer. There is no known way to reverse this.

Whisperer Color

Vincenzo Verticceli

Age: 14  DOB: 12/21  Sex: M

Height: 5’9”  Weight: 130 lbs.

Eye Color: Blue  Hair Color: Black

Likes: Nothing in Particular...

Vincenzo is the son of Antonio and is going along with his father to find the source of the winds. He is very quiet and distant. Despite Vincenzo’s young age, he is surprisingly good with a handgun.

Vincenzo Color 2

Antonio Verticceli

Age: 43  DOB: 3/17  Sex: M

Height: 6’2”  Weight: 180 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown  Hair Color: Brown

Likes: Adventure, Traveling

Antonio is a man who claims to be from the city of Cittazero, outside of Unity Line City. His life’s dream is to find the source of all the world’s winds, and he and his son are on a journey to see it. Antonio is a protective father and doesn’t enjoy anyone who might interfere with his quest.

Antonio Color