Illala Charisé

(Il-AH-la Char-EE-say)

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Birthday: 9/20

Height: 5'5”

Weight: 130 lbs.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Likes: Stuffed animals, cute things

Dislikes: Doing anything inelegant

Illala is the daughter of two of the richest people on the planet and lives in Ziorre. She's polite and friendly, but obsessed with being viewed as a proper lady and apologizes for any behavior that makes her seem violent or improper. Though she tries to act like an adult, she has a child-like love of stuffed animals.

Illala carries a frilly parasol that's been reinforced with steel. She uses this both as a blunt weapon and as a shield to block enemy swords. Though she's not especially fast, Illala can easily knock out several opponents at once by swinging her parasol around her.